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EmploymentRecruitmentEmployment AgenciesRecruitment AgenciesRecruitersPhilippinesserviceJobsservicesEmploymentAgencycontractcvPhilippinesAgenciespartnersRecruitmentopportunitiesfree emailWorkerscvsHRPhilippineDomesticrecruitingHuman ResourcesPlacementresumesnursesOverseaspartnershiptemporaryopportunitytalentstaffingRecruiterspermanent
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Philippine Embassies

A complete listing of Philippine Embassies around  the world with their respective ambassador, location and contact information.


Foreign Embassies

A complete listing of Foreign Embassies in Metro Manila, Philippines with their respective contact information. Some with the names of their ambassadors and location. 

Our workers are our country's greatest resources

The Tools of a Filipino Worker

Have you ever wonder why Filipino workers have made it big in the global market? What makes them click, that amidst the great debacle of unemployment in the country, they have been globally accepted by their competitive colleagues?  We may not know all the answers to these questions, but it is of great relevance to know the anatomy of a Filipino worker to better understand his needs, drives and motivation towards work and success. Indeed, Psychology plays a major backbone in the actualization of attaining the holistic nature of Filipino workers.


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